ePolk joins Metisentry technology family


We are excited to announce that on July 1st, ePolk will become part of the Metisentry technology family. After a year-long search, we chose Metisentry because of their commitment to customer service and their technical expertise.  We are confident this is the right fit to continue and enhance the services you have come to expect from ePolk.

Our decision to merge ePolk services will allow our team to devote their full attention to the development of our WinFactor factoring technology product.

For you, Metisentry will mean continued reliability and outstanding service. All current ePolk services such as email, website and server hosting will continue to work just as they do today.  Over time there may be updates or improvements to some of the technologies. In addition, Metisentry will enhance a variety of the technologies and solutions you are offered.

As of July 1st, invoices will go out under the Metisentry brand, instead of ePolk.com.  All of our customers services will remain just as they are today, along with your current pricing and support level.  Our team will work closely with Metisentry as they assume support of our various hosting platforms and they will be your primary contact for support.

The technology field is constantly evolving and we believe joining the Metisentry family is the right direction for our customers and as noted earlier – the right fit for the services you have come to expect.

I invite you to contact me with any questions you may have. (863 291-4268)


Mike Kingham
President, ePolk, Inc.